Friday, October 26, 2012


i legitimately sold a painting today.
it's called "why are you giving away all of your sunny days?"
and i made it last christmas break at my kitchen table.
(i spilled mineral spirits everywhere)

the girl in the painting lives in a world made of only black and white.
one day it starts to rain.
so naturally, she whips out an umbrella.
but the rain isn't bad.
it starts to paint the world in new, bright colors.
but the girl hides.
and she doesn't let the colors touch her.
because she is afraid of getting wet.

have a lovely day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

litho and why i'm changing my major.

i am taking a intaglio/lithography class as part of my painting/drawing/printmaking major.

for those of you who are unsure, i will define litho for you.

lithography: a long and complicated process after which you may or may not get a print of the desired quality.

exhibit a:

this is what i printed today.
this is what i meant to print today.

so here i was, super excited about my piece and all its symbolism.
and now i'm just sort of bummed.

when i'm an art history major, i won't have to do studio classes anymore.