Saturday, November 3, 2012


"you've got to get used to having all
kinds of things happening to you.
you've got to look at all the good on one side
and all the bad on the other side,
and say
'well, all right then,'
to both of them."

Friday, November 2, 2012

kids say the darndest things.

these days i'm giving tours for elementary school field trips to the art gallery.
have a few gems.

in response to me asking how long it took to make the biggest piece in the show:
"thirty.............eight minutes."

when asked what they thought my favorite piece was a picture of:
"it looks like the inside of a unicorn."

during their drawing time (their papers are on clipboards):
"i moved the paper a little bit. i just wanted you to know so i don't get in trouble."

sharing what they thought a piece was about.  this child was nine:
"that movie, the black swan. ..........what?  i've seen that movie."

when asked if they have any collections:
"i collect empty toilet paper rolls."

when i told them they were going to build their own quilt as a class:
"do we have to build it all together?"
"but i don't want to build a quilt with the girls!  they ruin everything!"
i thought he was going to cry.

a second-grader:
"you have the same phone as me."