Wednesday, January 2, 2013


(and probably too many pictures)

husband is out in the living room watching batman, and i'm not much into batman.
so i'm in here blogging and watching doctor who.
husband is not much into doctor who either, so it works out pretty well.

we had a lovely christmas.  we spent it up north with my family because our second wedding reception was in my hometown.  but we still put up our own cute little tree in our apartment.

our apartment is all full of cute things.  like paris, which i found at deseret industries for four dollars.
and this cute little wedding gift.

i also spent the afternoon making cute things to hang in our apartment after i decided our bathroom needed some art.
i hung the first one up, but now i'm thinking i like the second one a bit better.
i plan on making a lot of cute pinterest-type things. 
like curtains.  our kitchen needs them.

speaking of pinterest and the bathroom, the bathroom is easily the cutest room in our house.
and the most pinterest-worthy.
yellow and gray?  check.
ombre?  check.
handmade canvas art?  check.

and also speaking of the bathroom, i feel like i'm probably overwhelming husband with the sheer number of bath and body works products i brought with me.

i have a lot of pillows.
i'm a snuggler, husband isn't.
all the pillows are practically a necessity.

once i have wedding pictures or more crafty little things i'll blog more.
(i hope.)