Friday, September 14, 2012

good phone pictures?

so i'm terrible, and all the pictures i ever post are really bad phone pictures.
but i like pictures and the only camera i have is my phone.
but here are some surprisingly good pictures to make up for it.

i spent a ridiculous amount of time admiring this today.
(the lighting was really great at this little concert i went to.)
the concert was pretty good.
they played some interesting music.
and an artist made a quilt while said musicians performed.
i've had this stuck in my head ever since.
i really like it.
i was very excited when i saw it on the program.

i also went for a run today.
on my way back, i saw this butterfly.
so i knelt down and took this picture.
(he was a lot bigger than he looks here.)
and he didn't fly away or anything.
which i appreciated.

the end.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mrs. (almost)

on august 17, 2012, i got engaged.
and so here is the story.

it had kind of been a long day.  both of us were moving into new apartments.
we went to see les miserables.  we went dancing.
(never mind that the dance was lame.  we went dancing.)
after we left the dance, we drove up to a nearby lake.  before taking off on our moonlit stroll, we read a chapter in alma.
we walked around the lake once, and then stopped.
(he has always joked about proposing to me in a really terrible way.  like in a port-a-potty, or with a plastic ring.)
we were stopped by a bathroom.
he got down on one knee and slipped a massive green plastic sparkly ring onto my right ring finger.

"will you be my wife?"
"are you being serious right now?"
"i'm being completely serious"
"yes.  but you put the ring on the wrong hand."

after he had moved the ring to the proper finger, we headed back to the car and drove back to his new place.
i told him we needed to go ring shopping soon.  his green plastic ring was quite a few sizes too big and kept falling off.  i was more than willing to wear it until i got a real one, and asked if he wanted me to.
he said that of course i should wear it, and that it would probably be a few weeks until we could go get a real one.

we just hung out and laughed and joked for a couple of hours.
and then he asked if we could go on another walk.
i was rather tired, but i agreed.
this time we went to the place on campus that we had our first kiss.
it was midnight, and suddenly he got off the bench where he was sitting next to me ...
and onto one knee.
with an open ring box.
"will you marry me?"

that's a ring.  it's a real ring.  he went and picked out an actual ring for me.  this is really happening, he's really proposing.
a million thoughts ran through my head all at once, and before i knew it, tears were spilling over.
"does that mean yes?" he asked.
and it did.  i nodded.
he slipped the ring onto my finger (the right one this time, since it was already marked with the green ring.)
(it wasn't a real ring.  just a placeholder so that i could pick out my own later)

a week later we went shopping for my real ring.  
we found one that i love
(but not nearly as much as i love my new fiance)
it finally came back from being sized.

i have three engagement rings.
and the most wonderful fiance ever.
and only thirteen weeks before i become a mrs.
(we're getting married two days after finals ends.  we're insane.  it's fine.)
and i'm so happy.
it couldn't come fast enough.

my story of the day

last night my roommates informed me that there had been a mouse in the house last weekend while i was away.  they reassured me that they had set traps and it would be okay.

they said i couldn't bring home a cat.

so today i was making dinner.
and i stepped in a mouse trap.


it was a sticky one, not a snappy one, so my toes are unharmed.

but it was gross.