Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I blame pinterest.

let's pretend I have been absent from this little corner of the internet because I am being crafty and having tons of fun with my summer.

no really, it has been mostly fun.  I enjoy snuggling with husband and getting way too invested in certain series on netflix.  we've been camping, and doing projects, eating lots of snow cones, and moving again - this is our third apartment in eight months, and we're really hoping this one sticks.  so really, aside from getting my wisdom teeth out twice and not working quite enough, it's been pretty fantastic.

so since I've been a little crafty for the past few weeks I thought I'd share.  please excuse the awful phone pictures.  I don't have a smartphone that takes nicer pictures than my camera, and I just get too lazy to pull the camera out when my phone is in my pocket.

this is our new apartment.  for the longest time I would see wreaths on pinterest and just think what a dumb trend it was.  why have a wreath for every single minor holiday?  though I haven't, and won't, go quite so crazy with them, I made a cute one for just normal days.  though it does make me want to do some special ones - for christmas and valentines especially.

I found this tutorial on pinterest and decided I needed one too, apparently.  so I whipped this out in a couple of days, learned how to sew buttonholes, and got a bedroom that is all white.  it's okay.  I like it anyway.  and we've since added some color.  husband thinks my color choices are boring.

I'm sure I could do much better than this picture I found on pinterest for explaining the color scheme I am trying to work with.  aqua, yellow, and gray.  I think it is cute.  and so far, it works.  I think.

 before I got married, my mom was getting ready to throw out an old rocking chair from my great grandma.  since I was worried I wasn't going to have any furniture, I told her to hold onto it for me.  it's really old, and not in the best shape.  all the springs in the bottom were broken, and after a million google searches with no results for where to buy new ones, we are getting creative about what to do with the hole in the bottom of the chair.  unfortunately, I never remember to take before pictures until I want to take an after picture.  this time, though, i have some in-progress pictures.  first, I figured you could get an idea of the before by looking at the old cushions.  super cute, right?

 the chair was dark brown, and we spray painted it white.  it looks all nice here, but I'm looking at the chair in our living room and it still looks a bit splotchy under less light.  but i already think it looks tons better white than brown.

and this is the new cushion that after much searching, I finally ordered from kohls.  I'm way excited and can't wait to see it all put together and finished.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

saturday morning cartoons.....

sometimes husband works mornings and we both wake up at 5am.
sometimes i can't get back to sleep.
so clearly the best solution is to watch pocahontas at 6,
then take a nap at 8.

Friday, May 10, 2013

a happy list

blank canvases
my library card
my man
getting mac and cheese brought to me for lunch at work
lazy mornings and snuggles
no school
laughing for no reason


Today was a grumpy day.
It has not been the best of weeks, so I suppose that was a fitting way to end it.
I finished this book yesterday.  I kept picking it up today just because I wanted to keep reading and taking in the inspiring words inside.  Kelle is just super great.  And it was a most excellent book. 
Also, my plants are all growing.
Well almost.
We have a little squash, several forget-me-nots, some small onions, an aloe plant that is looking much better than a few days ago...
and no more daisies.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

my four fears

Today's post is easy, because I am afraid of exactly four things.

1: Spiders
I just cannot explain enough how awful they are - if they're in my house I suppose.  If they're outside, they're tolerable, but inside, they are surely there to attack me, and they are in my house with that intent alone.

2: The dentist
This fear stems from the time I went to the dentist when I was eight years old, and he pulled out two of my teeth without telling me he was going to.  He did that a few more times, and now any time I have to go to the dentist it's like the most ridiculous ordeal.  I am twenty years old and I still cry sometimes.  Oh and having to get my wisdom teeth out is like, this giant cloud of scaryness hanging over me all the time.

3: Airplanes
I have never flown, and I'm sure once I do fly a few times this fear will go away.  Everyone always tells me that there are fewer airplane crashes than car crashes.  And this is true, I just really hate the fact that it's way more likely that I survive a car crash than a plane crash.  Something goes wrong with your plane, and you're pretty much dead.

4: Lightning
I like rain.  I like going outside in the rain.  But if the lightning gets too close, it's a deal breaker.

I suppose there are other things, but they come and go.  I'm afraid of these four things all the time.  Almost.
I don't remember where I got this picture.  I didn't take it.  But it's cool.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

what i do.

Today's post is easy, because at this point, I barely have a job.

So what do I do?

I read good books
make art
watch too much netflix
snuggle my man
try to be a good cook, 
a good homemaker, 
and keep an adorable apartment
I listen to mika too loud 
and sing along (badly.)
I blog (also badly.)

and most importantly

it is summertime, and I am happy.