Friday, March 22, 2013

and in other news...

i wasted no time making this a part of my movie collection.

we had an adventure

for our spring break, husband and i went to san francisco.  we had so much fun!

and here is what i learned from our adventure:

-it is a long drive to san francisco.

-when i drive for a long time, my second to last toe on my left foot falls asleep.  it's totally weird.

-traffic in big cities is insane.  i am so lucky husband didn't mind driving all week.  related, we couldn't have done it without a gps.
(view from the temple terrace)

-going to the temple is a really good way to start an adventure.

-we are hopeless.  trying to catch a bus was a huge ordeal.  we couldn't figure it out.  so we walked back to the bay from chinatown.

-san francisco has some of the coolest stores!  the san francisco sock market? definitely bought myself a pair of these.
(they are sharks.  eating my feet.  just in case you couldn't tell.)
there was also a left-handed store.  so a store for me and one for my sweet lefty husband.  i wanted him to get a left-handed notebook or something, but he did not.

-san francisco clearly does not believe in parking lots.  parking lanes on the road?  super, super weird.

-i love the ocean.
this was the first time i ever saw the ocean.  it was the first time i ever put my feeties in it.  and i just think that's really cool.  on the other side of that water is japan.
-when you lose your phone in the ocean (husband) it won't break.  but it will get a superpower and you will never need a phone charger again.

(how pretty is this?)

-adventures with my sweetheart are my favorite.  we'll have many 
more someday.

(the golden gate bridge.  because san francisco.)

Monday, March 11, 2013

first day of spring break.

last week i made these curtains for our kitchen.  they were much needed.
one window let the sun shine right in my eyes when i made dinner.
another had an old t-shirt as a makeshift shade (left by the previous tenant.)
i am loving them.

no school means time to work on this little stitchery thing ridiculously cool ex-boyfriend's mom taught me how to do.  hopefully i will get better at it soon!

husband has a new job where he works some nights.
it isn't my favorite.
but spending the evening with some lovely lemon scones and a good book helps a bit.