Wednesday, May 8, 2013

my four fears

Today's post is easy, because I am afraid of exactly four things.

1: Spiders
I just cannot explain enough how awful they are - if they're in my house I suppose.  If they're outside, they're tolerable, but inside, they are surely there to attack me, and they are in my house with that intent alone.

2: The dentist
This fear stems from the time I went to the dentist when I was eight years old, and he pulled out two of my teeth without telling me he was going to.  He did that a few more times, and now any time I have to go to the dentist it's like the most ridiculous ordeal.  I am twenty years old and I still cry sometimes.  Oh and having to get my wisdom teeth out is like, this giant cloud of scaryness hanging over me all the time.

3: Airplanes
I have never flown, and I'm sure once I do fly a few times this fear will go away.  Everyone always tells me that there are fewer airplane crashes than car crashes.  And this is true, I just really hate the fact that it's way more likely that I survive a car crash than a plane crash.  Something goes wrong with your plane, and you're pretty much dead.

4: Lightning
I like rain.  I like going outside in the rain.  But if the lightning gets too close, it's a deal breaker.

I suppose there are other things, but they come and go.  I'm afraid of these four things all the time.  Almost.
I don't remember where I got this picture.  I didn't take it.  But it's cool.

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