Friday, December 2, 2011

in which i tell you a bunch of things about my life.

the five dollar movie bin at walmart?  it's the greatest thing ever...until you find three movies.  then you're already up to 15 dollars.
but i think when those movies are moulin rouge, hook, and august rush, it's worth it.
i'd go back to a year ago today if i could.
i'm reading to kill a mockingbird again.  i will read it a hundred times and not be done with it.  did i mention that it's my favorite book of all time?

it's almost finals.

male sibling is too old.  happy birthday, dear.

this album is my art music.  every time.  speaking of art... someone made one of my paintings into a christmas ornament.  how cool is that?  personally, i think it's a bit morbid to put on a christmas tree.  but it's still amazing.

also on the subject of art...
i can never ever make a silly t-shirt.  everyone else ends up with delightfully lame paint splatters and things and i end up with adorable penguin in the snow t-shirt.  my life is hard.

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