Friday, February 3, 2012

art insights.

as part of my major i'm required to take a class called art insights.
it's an hour long (usually) lecture one night a week.
i get half a credit for it.
and i have to take 8 semesters of it.
and that means that i won't have a thursday night free for probably the whole rest of my life.

generally artists don't know how to talk about their art.
this is fine.  there is a reason we paint instead of write.
but the lectures can be incredibly dull.
granted, there have been a few that have inspired me to make art and to make better art.
mostly, though, i count down the minutes until i can leave.

and it's a good chance to practice drawing.
yesterday i practiced drawing this at art insights.
it's caterpillars raining from a ceiling fan.
it's fine.

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