Friday, September 14, 2012

good phone pictures?

so i'm terrible, and all the pictures i ever post are really bad phone pictures.
but i like pictures and the only camera i have is my phone.
but here are some surprisingly good pictures to make up for it.

i spent a ridiculous amount of time admiring this today.
(the lighting was really great at this little concert i went to.)
the concert was pretty good.
they played some interesting music.
and an artist made a quilt while said musicians performed.
i've had this stuck in my head ever since.
i really like it.
i was very excited when i saw it on the program.

i also went for a run today.
on my way back, i saw this butterfly.
so i knelt down and took this picture.
(he was a lot bigger than he looks here.)
and he didn't fly away or anything.
which i appreciated.

the end.

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