Saturday, August 20, 2011

how to be happy (today)

sleep late because i stayed out too late because sleep is my true love.

wear your cuddling hoodie and curl up in a blanket mom gave you.

watch the big bang theory. or the halloween episode of boy meets world.

get a free t-shirt from the student center. just because.

visit C2.  realize how much you've missed it and be happy you're back.  sit in the middle of the hall with smith, trevor, your roommates, and ridiculously cool ex-boyfriend.

have a big dinner with your neighbors, roommates, your family, and your roommate's family.

take someone's free t-shirt from earlier and put it on your head.  when it falls off, put it on the next person's head.  when it falls off, have them put it on the next person's head until it goes all the way around the room.
we're weird. don'tworryaboutit.

have your dinner party of 14 get locked inside your tiny college-kid apartment.  yell out your window for your neighbor who you've hardly met to help you.

have a roommate date.  talk about everything.

go to sleep wearing dinosaur socks.
someday, it's all going to work out for the best.
and someday i won't get broken up with the first week of school.
my marius is somewhere out there waiting for me.

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