Monday, August 8, 2011

this might be the best compliment i have ever received. ever.

so today.
i went to ridiculously cool ex-boyfriend's house.  (to stay consistent, this is what i'll always call him.  even though it's a pain to type out every time instead of his name.)  anyway, i went to his house to hang out with his mom.  because she's just that cool.

short side story:
she gave me this book today.
i found it humorous and ironic.
and i have a feeling it would've been a bit more helpful awhile back than it will be now, but oh well.

back to my real story.
so my roommate and i are hanging out with ridiculously cool ex-boyfriend's mom.  and she complimented the both of us on our new skirts.  my roommate was wearing bright, happy summer colors and i was wearing essentially the same outfit, only in various shades of black and gray.  "i look like the depressing version of my roommate!"  i said.
"you look parisian!"
she replied.

so that was just great news.  because i love paris and i will go there someday.
in fact...
enjoy this picture of the eiffel tower i found while wasting my time on pinterest this morning.
i might be addicted.  it's fine.

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