Wednesday, September 7, 2011

maybe this is silly.

i was in desperate need of a smile, and there was not one to be found.
digital imaging is not my cup of tea, and all i learned from painting class today was that i can't mix colors worth anything. so here i am, doubting my skill as an artist even further, and i get a text from a member of the bishopric wanting to meet with me.
i knew i was going to get a church calling meant to teach me a lesson (this one actually didn't turn out to be terrible, thank goodness.)
and the worst of it... the roommate problems that i never expected.
all this equals jane is a mess.

but then there's this boy.  and he is okay with me being an emotional train wreck sometimes.  and he has me over for dinner.  and we go for a drive.  and we watch the office.  he is great.

oh, and then i log in to post this, and notice that i have 2 followers now.  2!
this is definitely silly of me to get so excited about this.  but it made my day better.
dear bellah, you get the "i made jane smile" award.
have a lovely day.

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