Monday, September 5, 2011

will you lend a caring hand?

dr. horrible, you make my life happier.

i went home to visit for the long weekend with two of my roommates.  on our way back this morning, we pulled into a gas station, passing a family standing by a car.  they held a sign that read "need help.  food, gas, lodging ...etc"
as one roommate ran inside to use the bathroom, my other roommate and i sat there, wondering what we could do to help.  in our state of perpetual hunger, we don't have much money to spare.  even giving up one dollar means we give up doing an entire load of laundry.

then we remembered all the food we had brought with us.

my roommate found a handful of granola bars, and as we headed back out, we pulled up next to their car.  before we'd even done anything, their faces brightened.  i rolled down my window and handed the granola bars to the father.  he turned around to his sons - "look, boys!"

"we're sorry we can't do more."  we apologized.

"this is wonderful.  thank you so much.  god bless."

"those who bring sunshine to the lives of others
cannot keep it from themselves."
-(the brilliant) JM Barrie

so go help someone.  make someone else smile.
it's splendid.
and tell me the story.  down there, in the comments.

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