Tuesday, June 26, 2012

some things.

1: that obsession i have with france?  i have an equally large obsession with egypt.  ever since i was about 9 years old, i have wanted to go to egypt.  the france obsession is fairly recent, starting about my junior year of high school.  these are countries where it will truly be a tragedy if i don't get to see them before i die.  if i don't see norway or greece or peru, it will be sad (i want to go to all those places as well.  and tons more.) but not tragic.  france and egypt are important, guys.

2: pink otter pops are my favorite kind.

3: i could probably be perfectly happy eating only mac and cheese and peanut butter for the rest of my life.

4: i read the entire harry potter series every summer.  remus and dora are my favorite part.

5: to kill a mockingbird is my all time favorite book.

6: my left little toe is named phillippe.

7: i like watercolors better than oils, and oils better than acrylics.  also, i ordered an art history textbook for my class in the fall, but probably i'll just read it for fun.

8: i should blog more. (said blog is in desperate need of a makeover.  but i don't know what to do.  and i don't really want to make another header.  i'm open to suggestions though.) nothing exciting ever happens to me.  i've stayed at my house and read 15 books so far this summer.  i'm keeping track because i want to know if i make it to 100.

9: tunes.

10: this was silly.

11: there's only an 11 since i didn't want to leave my list at an even, normal number.


love, you