Thursday, June 28, 2012

the girl who was on fire.

once in awhile i stumble across a character in a book that i can picture just perfectly.
denna from the name of the wind.  bellatrix lestrage and merope gaunt from harry potter, too.  (before bellatrix showed up in the movies.)  and it really doesn't matter how well they were described in the book.

then i read the hunger games.  
i'm not a super fan of the hunger games.
i thought the idea was interesting, but it bothers me a bit too much.
however, i could picture katniss very clearly.
upon a bit of doodling i realized that she was also very easy to draw.

so today i made this.

i love watercolors. so much.  expect more.
(ps it's ridiculous how excited i was to find my little crayola watercolor set from walmart.  so happy.  oh my goodness.)

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