Wednesday, August 29, 2012

how my first week back is going.

i have learned that two art history classes are better than two studio classes.  especially when you've already got what looks to be a busy semester ahead of you.

i love art history class a lot.  it's probably a good thing i'm switching my major to it.

having a teacher switched on you at the last minute is annoying.

the best route between most of my classes has become a construction zone.

august is hot.

it's been a rough week on everyone.  sadly, marius and fiyero didn't make it.  we have had two fishy funerals.

there's been lots of free food.

campus is really busy.  i've gotten used to the quiet campus this summer.

my roommates are hilarious.  i love them.  just a lot.

i did more than enough reading this summer.  so if i can't find a spare minute to curl up with a book, i think i'll live.

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