Wednesday, August 1, 2012

wedding dresses and alligators.

my man came to visit me last weekend.
we were having one of the conversations so typical of the two of us, where i admit to liking something really girly and he makes fun of me.

(ps, when you're a girl, being girly is allowed)

this time it was say yes to the dress.

he countered, claiming swamp people to be superior.
wanting to compromise, as well as get him to watch an episode of say yes to the dress, i suggested we watch an episode of each.

first we watched say yes to the dress.  he was set on sleeping through it at first, but by the end was doing over-exaggerated imitations of the brides crying for joy about their perfect wedding dress.  and making up background stories for the brides.  so about the amount of teasing i was expecting.

then we watched swamp people.

you guys, i am fairly certain that nothing is more different from say yes to the dress than swamp people.
at one point there were actual blood splatters on the camera.
my man loved it.
(i didn't completely hate it.  but don't tell him that.)
i told him he should never become an alligator hunter.
though i will admit, we had a rather excellent weekend. even if i did have to watch swamp people.

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