Thursday, May 2, 2013

a day behind.

So I found this and I wanted to do it.
I'm already a day behind.  Go me.

So, starting now (which will make this the "blog every day from may second to june first challenge")

the story of my life:

I was born in the summer.  This was excellent until I was fifteen.  Then it seemed like I had to wait much longer than everyone else did to date and drive and all that wonderful stuff you get to do when you turn sixteen.  I have a really great mom, and an excellent dad.  I also have two younger sisters, lou and mags, and one male sibling, also younger.

I was very much not a tomboy.  I loved pink and pretending I was a disney princess.  I tried a lot of sports and was awful at all of them.  I've since taken up running (sort of) because I figure I can't be bad at it.

I believe that every kid has an awkward stage.  Mine was very long.  I was an awkward kid, and an awkward teenager.  I'm probably now an awkward adult.  Luckily through all the awkwardness, I found myself someone to marry. 

I met husband my freshman year of college when we lived in the same dorm.  We dated for (almost) two years and then became Mr. & Mrs.  We're currently working on finishing school (because I didn't go to college to get married, I came to get a degree) and living happily ever after.

We have a happy life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything at all.

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