Wednesday, February 13, 2013

an abundance of wedding pictures.

pinky promises are serious business.

instead of a cake, we had red velvet and chocolate cupcakes

our rings must have disappeared for a bit.
we got pictures back and had a ton of cool shots of them.
but i don't remember them leaving for so long.

this was another.  it's our rings in my bouquet, which was supposed to be just red roses.
but we couldn't find enough red ones.
so we got sparkly ones too.  which i was excited about.

we had a hot chocolate bar.
it went perfectly with the cupcakes and turned out so cute!
it took me forever to get hot chocolate though,
luckily i had some pretty awesome bridesmaids who stood in line for my hot chocolate.

centerpieces were christmas ornaments, pictures of us and mints.
i was excited in the first place, but they turned out so much better than i expected.


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