Tuesday, February 12, 2013

things i love and things i don't love

things i love:
-stormy days.  all day at school you can look forward to snuggling to a movie and hot chocolate.
-getting packages in the mail.  so much better than getting letters.
-rose and nine/ten.  mostly rose.
-new followers
-orange juice and juju hearts.
-our wedding pictures!  which we finally got!

things i don't love:
-when the hot water runs out before you
get a chance to shave your prickly cactus-legs.
-when you go to the library and absolutely everything
on your to-read list is checked out.
-people who don't use right words.  this has been
on my rant list for awhile.  You don't take things for granite.
granite is a rock.  you take them for granted.
also, why does everyone say/write "without further adieu..."?
adieu is a french word for goodbye.
you actually mean "without further ado...."
ado.  as in much about nothing.
-unpacking. we visited husband's family last weekend.  he
unpacked, but you better believe my still-packed bag is still
sitting on our bedroom floor.

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