Friday, June 10, 2011

the reason.

I started writing this blog because I didn't feel like there was much for me to smile about at all.
but over the past couple of days, it seems like everything has given me a reason to smile.

the list:
*cuddling up on the couch and watching jane eyre within minutes of waking up.  I love jane eyre.
*raspberries.  I might be in love with them.
*my first letter from elder carter since january.
*amazing random sales at rue 21.
*wanting to do nothing but draw.  all the time.
*it's possible to find mika music and sheet music in america.
*surprise visits from one of my best friends.
*driving at night with the window rolled down.
*institute class.
*my cuddling hoodie.  seriously.  it's the closest one can get to cuddling if one is alone.
*looking at the stars.
*C2, stanley, and johanna (or memories of.)
*50 cent ice cream at maceys.
*going to the temple.

...I'm certain there have been more.  life has given me so much to smile about this week.


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