Monday, June 13, 2011

someday I will get better at naming my posts.

we all know honesty is key, right?
well, I just made a discovery.  rather simple, actually, and most likely silly.
being honest with oneself is just as important as being honest with others.
it isn't as though I was dishonest with myself before.
but one night, as I was writing in my journal, I started writing things that were completely true that I had just never realized about myself.
I liked it.  I liked knowing for sure what was going on in my head and what I thought about things that were happening in life.  I'm happy.  Some things have been hard to learn about myself, but I'm better for knowing them.

the end.

ps: sometimes you find a song that just makes you incredibly happy.  Josiah Leming's lyrics are brilliant.  His piano playing is brilliant.  I think his voice is brilliant ...though I realize it's rough and very flawed. I have never met anyone else who even knew who he was though.  Which is sad.
today I found three of his songs I'd never heard before.  And I adore them all.

You should check them out.
song without a reason

but be warned. you may fall in love. and his music may be slightly addicting.

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