Saturday, June 25, 2011

love is an understatement. obsession is more accurate.

my love for les mis is ridiculous.
but it's okay.

it's okay to wake up and watch the bonus "making of les miserables" dvd that came with your tenth anniversary concert recording.
it's okay to want to travel to norway just so you might possibly be able to buy a copy of the original oslo production.
it's okay that I sometimes sing it in my sleep.  I assume that this actually has happened, as my roommate once woke up with "master of the house" stuck in her head.
It's okay that my travel plans to paris involves listening to "javert's suicide" on a bridge over the seine river. and a visit to the rue plumet.
it's okay that I have a massive crush on 9 or so frenchboys.  who are dead.  and fictional.

cam: "I don't know if you knew, but she's got a crush on a fictional frenchboy."
boy: "one?  try five of them."
me: "five?  actually there are nine.  it's like whatever, though."

it's okay that that is a normal conversation for me to have.
it's okay to walk down a creepy alleyway in order to meet the actor who played jean valjean in the american touring cast.
it's okay that I didn't get to meet enjolras.
okay, that one was actually not okay.
anyways, it's okay that philip quast played the best javert ever.  he's amazing.
it's okay that I seriously think that if there were ever to be a movie version made, I should help direct.  just because I know everything about it.  and I would make it perfect.
I have a question for boublil and schoenberg.
because by all accounts this really doesn't make sense.
why put every single member of les amis de l'abc in the musical except bahorel? poor bahorel.
only someone as obsessed as me would even know that.

anyway.  once upon a time, I went to my ridiculously cool ex-boyfriend's house.  this was when he was just my ridiculously cool boyfriend.  his mom had silver candlesticks in their living room, with a little plaque that read "to love another person is to see the face of god"

I flipped a biscuit.

we got talking about les mis.  she loves les mis.  as if I didn't already love her enough.

ever since then, I have wanted to eventually have silver candlesticks to put in my house to remind me of jean valjean.
so guess what my future roommate got me for my birthday?

I love her.
and I'm like jean valjean.
and I'm like ridiculously cool ex-boyfriend's mom.

and that is just about the best news ever.

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