Sunday, July 24, 2011

a lot of little things

being back in the town that has my heart
climbing waterfalls
making too many cupcakes and taking one to a rather attractive male that I plan to marry
playing with puppies
chick flicks
tunes and singing along
driving through a pretty gorge
kisses on the cheek...and real kisses
church drawings and matt's class
my second family and i partyin' it up
seeing my new apartment and naming the fridge(his name is harry potter.)
lots of hugs and much-needed road trips
birthday cake
being inside stanley's apartment
a magic trick consisting of flying fire and not setting kamber's hand ablaze.
old juni stories
"tea is bad!" *runs away*
meeting his sister when he said i'd never get to
finding someone else to attend a mika concert with my roommates, ridiculously cool ex-boyfriend's mom, and i.
i shot a gun for the first time. and walked through a dam door.

I may have had a perfect weekend:)

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