Monday, July 11, 2011

my music wish list

the les miserables complete symphonic recording.
every note of les miserables.

the original french concept album.
les miserables in french.
enough said.

both mika albums.
and the new one when it comes out next year.

queen's greatest hits.
even though it doesn't have bohemian rhapsody.
which is odd.

I need this.  so much.  I have a thing for lyrics.
and josiah's lyrics are incredible.  it's perfect.

however dark and disgusting and twisted this story may be
the music is phenomenal.  I think that's why I like it.
sondheim is a genius.

I know one of her songs really well.  but just the one.
(comme des enfants)
however, I completely adore it.
I don't think I need to understand what she's saying
(she's french.  everyone always demands "do you even know what she's singing?!")
to love her music.

this is my music wish list.
it's kind of a stretch, but ...
there's something I love about owning an album.
iTunes is great and all,
but I don't think it compares to
owning the album
seeing the artwork 
and choosing a cd for going on a drive
instead of just plugging in your iPod and putting it on shuffle.

I love music. 
sometimes I just want to share it with everyone.
I don't think being deaf would be so bad
except for the fact that I wouldn't be able to hear


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